I pray for humanity!


Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world just got attacked by monsters. Who could ever think that there is so much hate in the city of the love. I have actually one big question where is the love? Or let me ask the question easier where is the humanity?

While people are praying for Paris I will pray for humanity. Nowadays those horrible, crazy and scary attacks happen everywhere. We can see people get murdered in Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Africa every single day. Now it even happens in Paris. A city which is only 5 hours driving from where we live. The thought that a family member or a friend could be a victim in Paris, because they live there is actually hurting me a lot. Not only because I know them, but I also know that they are the sweetest persons and so innocent. Why should they be victims of Monsters?

All those victims all over the world are innocent! While a lot of people here in Holland are detesting refugees, which are actually looking for safety. What would we do if it would happen here? What would you do to protect your family? People are talking so easy about the ‘refugees’, even when they not knowing what they have been through.

I actually hate the news, because you hear all those bad things what is happening all over the world. But I also hate the news, because you do not know what you have to believe. People are being mad and hate Muslims, but they actually do not know that also Muslims are victim. People are saying horrible things about Muslims and Islam, but they do not know what the religious is and where it stands for. They are only blaming the Muslims, because they hear it in the news.

This is why I will pray for humanity, the humanity all over the world. The humanity in Paris, in Palestine, in Iraq but also in Syria. Do not get me wrong, it is horrible what just happened in Paris. But I also want to mention that I am not writing this only because of the attack in Paris, because those attacks are happening every single day. I am writing you this, because it can be an eye-opener for a lot of us.


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